Craft - noun 1. an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Here at Amanda’s of Mogo we stock a wide variety of products which can be used for various crafts.

We carry a large range of blank wood pieces designed to decorate with paints and papers. These include letter holders, storage units, mini albums and decorative Christmas pieces such as advent calendars. Some of these pieces are pre-assembled and some require basic assembly.

There is a selection of large format decorative papers including Yuzen, handmade papers, Elephant Dung papers and rice papers.  These are great sizes for using to decorate craft projects as well as bookmaking and mixed media works.

Our A4 and 12x12” papers are available in card and paper weight and include decorative, foiled, flocked and lacey papers.  These are ideal for invitation making, card making, scrapbooking and various other craft projects.

Ribbons are available in various colours, widths and textures including lush satins, rich velvets and vibrant metallics. These are great for adding texture to cards, scrapbooking and many other projects.

We have flowers in all sizes in fabric and paper and some are dusted with glitter and are ideal to add onto wood pieces and decorating cards and scrapbooking layouts.

All crafters need a basic tool kit and depending on your craft of choice will depend on the contents of your kit.  Usually a kit would include a paper trimmer, small guillotine, scalpel, metal ruler, scoring tool, pencil, pens, sharp fine tip scissors, doublesided tape, PVA glue, silicone glue and doublesided foam adhesive.  Your kit may include other tools specific to your craft.


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